Exposure Assessment

Collectively, ToxStrategies professionals have decades of experience evaluating exposure to chemicals in air, water, soil, sediments and biota, as well as in food and consumer products. Our staff is recognized as leaders in applying state-of-the-art approaches for developing real-world estimates of exposure. Examples of some of the areas where our staff has extensive experience include the following:

  • Biomonitoring studies
    • Survey design, study protocols, institutional review board (IRB)
    • Implementation, oversight, collaboration with medical teams
    • Data analysis and interpretation (e.g., NHANES)
  • Bioaccessibility and bioavailability studies
    • Literature review to assess value of site-specific analysis
    • Designing, sampling, and analysis plans
    • Application in exposure assessments
  • Dose reconstruction
    • Re-creation of historic materials and products
    • Study design to mimic historic environments
  • Exposure simulation studies
    • Assess range and possible exposures
    • Compliance with IRB requirements
  • Proposition 65
    • Estimate exposure consistent with statutory requirements
    • Tiered approach (default assumptions to exposure simulation)
  • Assessment of exposure to VOCs associated with natural gas exploration and production
    • Screening level, site-specific, and comprehensive human health assessments
    • Community-wide exposure assessments

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